Helpful Resources in Enduring and Correcting Malfeasance and Misuse of Authority in School Districts
We are saddened to hear that many districts are enduring some of the same struggles as ours. These are resources we have found helpful or useful. We do believe there is power in numbers, so please feel free to cite our efforts and share them with others.  If you’re willing to share your situation with us, please feel free to contact us. (We will maintain your confidentiality, as we realize speaking out sometimes feels as yet unsafe due to the very real and very overwhelming amount of retaliation that follows a challenge to those entrenched in power.)
Sites and articles which have been helpful to us:
  • SOS website, bringing awareness by describing some specific examples of harassment and retaliation:
  • SOS Billboards, bringing a little bit of levity and a whole lot of truth to light in the month before the 2023 election for school board members, dispayed here.
  • OzarkTeacherAbuse site (especially the sections about "Due Process" and "Board Dereliction"!), a more detailed, documented, and in-depth examination of how that retaliation is carried out:
  • A pamphlet summarizing the Ozark School District Systematic Retaliation against Teachers Who Speak Up - Brochure -- 2022-11-29 so clearly observed so many times in the District
  • OPS window website, an eye-opening description of some of the inverted governance of school districts and the backstory to why it's that way, along with a case study:
  • OSST has a YouTube channel where we share a recent Townhall which we sponsored as well as recordings of school board meetings (and the first 7 minutes of the board meeting that began it all!)
  • EndTeacherAbuse, a site describing the nation-wide problem of administrators bullying teachers, one which has brought some comfort and encouragement to district employees who find themselves in similarly distressing situations of abuse:

Citizens Guide for State and National Finances and Information

To look up your school's financial info, you need the specific name of your District. These IDs (Identifying Numbers) can be found on the websites below and are useful for searching different sites:

School District: Ozark R-VI School District

022-093 – Ozark R-VI State ID     22 = County                      MO-022093 on NCES Website

29-23430 – NCES District ID / Federal ID                                           29 = State

  • The most recent Data is usually for the last school year. Federal Data may be 2 school years old.
  • School Financial Year runs from July 1 through June 30 the following year.

Example: July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

  • Every School manages their information differently.


Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

This is a demonstration on how to use the DESE website with more information on how to do this:

  • Go to:
  • You do NOT need to sign in or create an account to access Public Applications on the left of page
  • Select reports you desire. This will take you to additional menus where you select your School by ID

Annual Report of the County Clerk - This will get a report of all the schools in your county.

Annual Secretary of the Board Report, also known as ASBR

Annual Financials for previous School Year  - The first and last 2-3 pages are most informative

Missouri Comprehensive Data System (MCDS)

Lots of Reports and Resources and can get reports that include all Missouri Districts Drop Menu: Ozark R-VI (022093)


School Finance – More Reports and information

Missouri Revisor of Statutes           

  • Missouri Laws governing Public Schools are Revisor Chapters 160-172
  • Missouri Law governing Conduct of Public Business (Sunshine Law) is Revisor Chapter 610

U.S. Department of Education

Institute of Education Sciences

National Center for Education Statistics

022-093 – Ozark R-VI State ID     22 = County                      MO-022093 on NCES Website

29-23430 – NCES District ID / Federal ID             29 = State

Once you access your District, choose "Show All"

Also select the links: District Demographics – investigate the various tabs (context sensitive)


Nation’s Report Card, Also known as the NAEP


Citizens Guide for Ozark R-VI School Website

Understanding the Board

The Ozark Schools' Board of Education is the governing body of the Ozark Public School District making decisions and setting policies that shape our local educational system. The board consists of seven members, who are elected by the local community during the Municipal Election held every April, which historically has a low turn-out.

Details about current board members, including their names, brief biography, position, contact information, and term expiration dates can be found here:

Board Member Elections

Each board member serves a term of three years and can run for re-election for consecutive terms. Board members must be residents of the Ozark Public School District, U.S. citizens, and at least 24 years old. Staying updated on these details is key to knowing when citizens could potentially run for election.  

  • December 5, 2023    First Day of Candidate Filing–at the School District (School Closed Dec. 22-Jan. 2)
  • December 26, 2023  Last Day for Candidate Filing
  • March 6, 2024            Last Day to Register to Vote
  • April 2, 2024                General Municipal Election Day

Participating in Board Meetings

The Ozark Schools' Board of Education typically meets once a month, often the third Thursday of the month at approximately 7:00 pm . Details about the specific date, time, and location and the Agenda for the upcoming meeting with a link to the meeting Zoom are located here:

To maximize your involvement, familiarize yourself with the meeting's agenda beforehand. This is posted online 24 hours before the meeting. Understanding the agenda will give you a clearer idea of what topics will be discussed. Comments can be made online on the posted Agenda. You can sign up to speak at the Board meeting but must do so prior to the meeting’s start. Speaking is limited to the beginning of the meeting and must address an item on the Agenda. If you want something added to the Agenda you must contact the Superintendent’s office five days prior to the Board Meeting.


Share what you learn on Social Media, with Community Groups and Organizations you belong to, and encourage Others to get involved in as well. Write the Editor of your Local Newspaper, School Superintendent, Board Members, and our Missouri Senator and Representatives about your concerns.

Attend Meetings, Connect with Others, Volunteer for Committees and Events, Create or Join Groups that focus on education, and help support and improve our schools for our children and community.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope to connect and encourage each other as we each work to right this upside-down tyranny in our local schools. Visit our YouTube Channel or our Facebook page or email us.