The Missouri School Boards Association is in a Sticky Spot

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By Gretchen Garrity

There were several very important outcomes to yesterday's (April 2, 2024) municipal races in Christian County. First, the Christian County Health Board has three new members who are dedicated to individual freedom. It is a huge win for citizens.

Second, the President-Elect of the Missouri School Boards Association, Ozark School Board Member Patty Quessenberry, was defeated. After 27 years as a school board member, the voters decided change was needed.

Now for the sticky part. According to the MSBA by-laws, the President of the MSBA must also be a current school board member:

"Article IV - Board of Directors

Section 1 - Qualifications
With the exception of the position of Immediate Past President and any ex-officio member serving as chair of the MSBA Council of Past Presidents, to be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors a person must be a member of an Active Member Board and shall have served at least two years on their local Board of Education."

Quessenberry has just been voted off the Ozark School Board. The by-laws further state:

"Art. IV, Section 8 - Resignation

Resignation, Automatic - A member of the Board of Directors who vacates a local board position, with the exception of the President and the Immediate Past President, shall immediately relinquish their position on the Board of Directors."

It's possible that Quessenberry can become an individual member according to Art. II, Sec. 5 of the by-laws, but she will not be able to hold elected office.

That she was elected President-elect last year may give the MSBA a little bit of wiggle room if they are adamant about retaining her as President in 2024. However, their own by-laws are clear. To keep her on as President of the MSBA when she is no longer a school board member, is problematic.



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